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Bhadraj Temple: Worship, Trek, and Sightseeing.

Bhadraj Temple Building

About the Bhadraj Temple

Situated around 11 kilometers to the west of Mussoorie is a beautiful temple perched atop the Bhadraj Hill, Known as the Bhadraj Temple, which is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Balrama, the elder brother of Shree Krishna, and the incarnation of the Shesha, the serpent.

Bhadraj temple is a perfect amalgamation of beautiful architecture, picturesque location, and spirituality and therefore, attracts devotees and nature lovers from all parts of the country.

Located at over 2100 meters (7000 feet) above sea level, the temple offers trekking opportunities to avid trekkers, where views of the mighty Himalayas are on offer, on the summit. 

Also, the 360-degree view of the area offers enticing views of the Doon Valley and the Shivalik ranges, Dakpatthar and Assan Barrage. 

doon valley from bhadraj trek

The temple is an eternal part of the Badrinath Temple and it is believed that pilgrims who visit this temple get the same blessing as they would receive at the Badrinath Temple. 

The temple building has been beautifully reconstructed, in all white marble, and is a treat to the eyes, perfectly complimenting the immense natural beauty that surrounds the shrine. 

The offering to the deity are milk based products like ghee, butter, and milk. The stone idol of lord Bal Bhadra is cleansed with milk.

The temple committee has a dedicated Facebook page that posts regular updates.


The Bhadraj temple has its roots in Mahabharat.

Lord Balrama did not participate in the great massacre and arrived at this beautiful spot to meditate.

The area is known as the Binhar and the people in that place take care of their cattle very well.

All of this made Lord Balrama appreciate the place and its people and he meditated there for quite some time.

After that, he left for Badrinath.

As the villagers grew fond of him and were sad to see him go, Lord Balrama made a promise that he would return to the place in the form of a stone idol and take care of the cattle and the people.

A few years later, Nandu Mehra, a local villager discovered the idol of lord Balarama and was instructed to carry it to a high altitude.

The statue suggested Nandu carry it as far as he can and place it at a spot where it feels heavy to him.

The temple is the place where the statue began to feel heavy and thus, the foundation of the Bhadraj Temple was laid.

Special attraction 

Each year, from the 15th to 17th of August, the temple committee organizes a fair, celebrating the ethos of Garhwali tradition and attracts devotes that arrive in a large number to seek blessings, offering unprocessed milk to the Lord Bhadraj.

The temple holds a special place for the Van Gujjar community, whose livelihood depends on their cattle, and to seek the lord’s blessings in keeping their cattle safe, the first milk of a cow is offered to the lord before the calf can have it.

Local folk dances and Bhandara take place during the fair. The festival is believed to have been celebrated since 1817 AD.  

How to reach Bhadraj Temple?

Bhadraj temple can be reached by road and on foot. 

It is located at a distance of about 11 km from Mussoorie and 7 km from Clouds End. 

It is suggested that you trek to Bhadraj temple and avoid taking your vehicle there as the roads are not properly built and the gradient is steep.

Driving in such conditions without prior experience is not recommended.

Trek to Bhadraj Temple

Trek to Bhadraj temple

Start Point: Cloud end, Mussoorie.

Cloud end is located at a distance of about 4 km from Library Chowk on the western end, beyond Company Garden. The temple is situated at a distance of 7 km from this point.

The trek is short, but ideal for weekends. The hike traverse through the beautiful forests and grasslands ( bugyals).

Though the trek is manageable within a day, you can camp at Dudhli Village for the night and go for the summit the next morning, to completely soak in nature and what the area has to offer.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport is the Jollygrant airport, which is at a distance of about 62 km from the cloud end.

Nearest Railway Station

The Dehradun railway station is 37.7 km away from the Cloud end.

Road network

To reach Cloud end, where the trail starts, you need to travel towards Mussoorie from Dehradun.

If you wish to enjoy a bit more of what Doon Valley has to offer, I would suggest you take the route to Cloud End via Kimadi Village as the main route to Mussoorie can be ridden with traffic jams. 

The route through Kimadi is highly recommended for Bikers and smaller cars.

Alternatively, if you are traveling in a big family car, it is better to take the traditional route to Mussoorie and then divert towards the Lambidhar mines road, around 4 km before Mussoorie.

Major Cities Near the Bhadraj Temple

Dehradun45 KM
Mussoorie11 KM
Delhi300 KM
Source: Google Maps

Places to visit nearby

LocationDistance from Bhadraj Temple
Mussoorie Mall Road14.7 KM
Gun Hill14.6 KM
Company Garden12.6 KM
George Everest Peak10.9 KM
Clouds End Resort6.5 KM
Kempty Fall26.4 KM
Dhanolti74.9 KM
Chakrata77.8 KM
Source: Google Maps

Best time to visit the Bhadraj Temple

The trek is open round the year, but the best time to visit is after the monsoon, during the time of the Bhadraj festival (15-17 august every year) when greenery is at its peak and nature comes alive as you walk among the clouds. 

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