Dehradun News: Plans to Build elevated road from Bhaniawala Tiraha to Jollygrant scraped, See alternative details

As a result of the revisions made to the project, an elevated road will not be constructed from Bhaniawala Tiraha to Jollygrant. The construction of an elevated road was originally planned but has since been scrapped.

Now, instead of building an elevated road, the existing road will have its width increased and it will be converted into a four-lane highway. The construction of a fourth lane on this route would not only make it simpler to travel from Dehradun to Rishikesh, but it will also eliminate the risk of human-wildlife conflict along the stretch of forest that stretches from Ranipokhari to Rishikesh.

As part of the project, four elephant corridors are going to be constructed in the forest areas, in addition to some underpasses.

Officials from the NHAI have stated that work on the acquisition of land has already begun. The four-lane roadway that runs from Bhaniawala to Rishikesh has undergone several modifications as of late. The 2.2 kilometre stretch from Bhaniywala Tiraha to Jollygrant Chowk are included in this project.

The budget for the construction of a four-lane road from Bhaniyawala to Rishikesh has been authorised by the Central Government at a total price of Rs 1036.23 crore, which would be paid for using the Hybrid Annuity Mode (HAM).

It is being stated that the decision to not build an elevated corridor was made in light of some practical difficulties that arose. The residents of the area were strongly opposed to the elevated road. Because of this, there will be no impact on the area’s business.

Officials from the NHAI have stated that the process of acquiring land has already gotten underway. In order to accomplish this goal, a sum equal to fifty crore Indian rupees (Rs.) has been submitted with the Special Land Acquisition Officer (SLO).

The process of allocating compensation will commence very soon once the job has been prepared. Approximately one and a half years will be required to finish the project.