Jebel Ali Temple: Know All About the Hindu Temple in Dubai’s Jebel Ali

Are you planning a visit to the Jebel Ali Temple in Dubai? If so, we’ve got you covered. This beautiful temple is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about Hinduism and Indian culture.

Through this blog, readers can learn more about the temple’s location, timing, booking process, and other essential details to make their visit a successful and memorable one. We’ve also included a detailed location map, bus timing details, and other important information about the temple.

Where is the Jebel Ali Temple Located?

The Jebel Ali Temple is a magnificent Hindu place of worship located in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Village. The temple is set within a compound that also houses numerous churches, highlighting Dubai’s commitment to religious tolerance and freedom.

Jebel Ali Hindu Temple Dubai
Jebel Ali Hindu Temple Dubai

The Hindu Temple in Jebel Ali houses 16 deities, with Lord Shiva as a primary deity, along with Lord Ayyappan and Lord Guruvayoorappan. Guru Grant Sahib is also present in the temple. The temple has a main prayer hall, a banquet hall, and a multipurpose hall that can accommodate 1500, 750, and 200 people, respectively. If you need more information on booking events, visit the official website (mentioned later in this post)

The temple was inaugurated on Dusshera last year (2022), a significant Hindu occasion. The temple is now open to tourists and devotees. Let’s learn more about the Jebel Ali Temple in this post.

How to Reach the Jebel Ali Temple: Bus, Metro, and Directions

Jebel Ali Temple is located in the heart of the vibrant city of Dubai. The majestic structure is easily recognizable and can be seen from miles away. The official website of the Jebel Ali Hindu Temple advises visitors to take public transport or carpool to avoid problems with parking.

Therefore, the best way to reach the temple is to use public transport. You can take the M1 metro and get down at Ibn Battuta or the Energy Metro Station. Alternatively, you can take buses: 96, F44, or X92 to reach the temple.

If you are driving to the Jebel Ali Hindu Temple, simply search for “The Hindu Temple | Dubai” on Google Maps and look for the temple in the Jebel Ali Village.

Temple timing and opening hours

The Jebel Ali Hindu Temple in Dubai is open all 7 days of the week, from 06:00 am to 08:30 pm. Earlier, you needed to book your slot at the temple by visiting the official website; however, there is no need for that now, and all visitors are welcome. So, you may see a large gathering on weekends and evenings.

Jebel Ali Hindu Temple Dubai
Jebel Ali Hindu Temple Dubai

Jebel Ali Temple Official Website

The official website for the Hindu Temple in Dubai is hindutempledubai.com, and you can find all the crucial information there regarding the temple’s timing, location, booking, etc. The website has a detailed location map embedded, which visitors can use to reach the temple.

The website also includes all the information about the temple’s upcoming events and festivals, ensuring that visitors do not miss out on any important celebrations.

Jebel Ali Hindu Temple Dubai
Jebel Ali Hindu Temple Dubai

Jebel Ali Hindu Temple: Detailed Location Map for Easy Navigation

Here is the detailed location map for the Jebel Ali Hindu Temple. Using this map, you can easily locate the temple and have detailed information on nearby landmarks, transportation, parking, etc.

Which God is in Jebel Ali temple?

The Jebel Ali Hindu Temple has 16 deities, with Lord Shiva as the primary deity.

How to book an appointment for Jebel Ali Hindu temple?

You do not need to book an appointment for Jebel Ali Hindu temple, and you can visit there any day between 06: 00 am and 08:30 pm.


Dubai’s Jebel Ali Hindu temple is truly an architectural and cultural marvel and a testament to Dubai’s secular beliefs.

According to a news report, 900 tonnes of steel, 6000 cubic meters of steel, and 1500 square meters of marble have been used to make this marvel that features intricate marble carvings, tall brass spires, ornate pillars, and impressive lattice screens.

So, if you’re in Dubai or planning to go, make sure not to miss the Jebel Ali Hindu Temple, and with the information we have provided here, we hope you have no problems getting there.