Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun

Kalu Sidh: One of 84 powerful Siddh Peeths in India

Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun
The main shrine at the Kalu Sidh Temple

Where is Kalu Sidh Located?

One of the four Siddhas of Dehradun, Kalu Sidh Temple is located in the Kaluwala Village, 6 km away from Bhaniyawala (Dehradun-Rishikesh highway).  The temple is situated 7 kilometres away from Thano village.

The temple is at a distance of 27 KM from Dehradun city.

The Kalu Sidh temple is nestled on top of a small hill, enclosed within Thano Forest Range as part of the Rajaji National Park, which is amongst the densest Sal forests around Dehradun.

Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun

The peaceful atmosphere and the location of the temple make it perfect for a spiritual retreat as well as a great family outing.

The area has an abundance of rich flora and fauna and after you have taken the blessings from Lord Shiva, you can enjoy walking in the Sal forests, come across several bird species, sit by the riverside, and take in all the peace that nature has to offer.

This is a perfect weekend trip from Dehradun and nearby areas.

History of the Kalu Sidh Temple

Kalu Sidh is amongst the 84 Siddh Peeths in India which are dedicated to 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya.

Kalu Sidh is named after Sage Kalu, one of the disciples who attained enlightenment after years of austerity and pleasing Lord Shiva.

Read the detailed history of the Four Siddhas of Dehradun here.

Interesting facts about the Kalu Sidh Temple

  • The people living close to the temple offer the first milk of their herd to the temple and believe that the deity safeguards them.
  • It is also believed that two huge apes, with the ability to change shapes, are found near the temple. Those who witness them are considered to be blessed.
  • It is also believed that Kalu Baba fulfills the desire sought with a sincere heart and Jaggery is offered as prasad here
  • Kalu Siddh is situated beside a seasonal river, and the area has an offering for nature lovers, especially bird watchers and photographers.
  • There is no roof above the temple of Kalu Sidh and several attempts made in the past were not successful.

How to reach the Kalu Sidh Temple?

Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun

Kalu Sidh can only be reached by booking a taxi or personal vehicle as the temple is located a bit off the grid and no public transport options are available directly to the temple.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport to the Kalu Sidh Temple is the Jolly Grant airport, which is 11 km away and you can book a taxi from the airport.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station to the Kalu Siddh temple is the Dehradun Railway Station, which is at a distance of 27 km. From there, you can book a taxi.

Road network: Motorable routes to the Kalu Sidh Temple

The temple is at a distance of 27 km from Ghanta Ghar (Dehradun City Center), in Kaluwala Village, along the outskirts of Dehradun. There are two routes to reach Kalu Sidh from Dehradun.

Dehradun-Doiwala (19.6 KM)/Doiwala-Bhaniyawala (2.2 KM)/Bhaniyawala-Kalu Sidh (5.9 KM)

A total of 27 km, this route is quite straightforward and the route is mostly travelling towards Rishikesh on the National Highway 7, from where you need to take a left at Bhaniyawala towards the Kalu Sidh Temple, which is at a distance of about around 6 km from the highway.

Dehradun-Raipur(7.4 KM)/Raipur-Thano Road (10.2 KM)/Thano Road-Kallu Sidh(15.2 KM)

Alternatively, if you wish to enjoy driving through a dense forest, with beautiful scenery at every turn you make, take this route. Though you will cover a few more kilometres (31 KM total), you will pass through some of the amazing scenery which you do not want to miss.

 Make your way to Raipur and then head towards the Rajiv Gandhi International cricket stadium. The route is pretty straightforward after that and you shall reach the temple in no time.

Public transport to reach the Kalu Sidh Temple

There are no direct public transport options to the Kalu Sidh Temple. You can hop on a bus to Rishikesh and get down at Bhaniyawala. From Bhaniyawala, you will need to book an auto or a taxi.

It is recommended that you book a prepaid taxi.

Kalu Sidh Temple: Things to Know

Best time to visit

The great weather of Dehradun makes it possible to visit this temple all around the year, but if you really wish to enjoy the colours of nature, it is recommended that you visit Kalu Sidh Mandir during monsoon or right after monsoon.

Visit duration

4 hours. The temple is situated in a very peaceful area and there are arrangements for devotees to absorb the positivity that engulfs that area. You will find benches where you can sit down and have a great outing with your friends and family.

Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun

Availability of Food

There is a small shop inside the temple premises that sells chai and pakoras, but apart from that, there is no restaurant/hotel near the Kalu Sidh Temple.

Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun
The Chai Pakora vendor at Kalu Sidh.

Though, you can go for the tasty Bhandara that is served at the temple. We were lucky enough to have delicious Kadi Chawal served at the temple.

Kalu Sidh Temple Dehradun
Bhandara Meal at the Kalu Sidh Temple

Major Cities Near the Kalu Sidh Temple

Dehradun27 KM
Rishikesh30 KM
Haridwar37 KM
Delhi286 KM
Source: Google Maps

Other places to visit near the Kalu Sidh Temple

LocationDistance from Kalu Sidh Temple
Lakshman Sidh Temple16.6 KM
Mandu Sidh Temple35.7 KM
Manak Sidh Temple30.9 M
Man Ichchha Devi Temple16 KM
Rishikesh30 KM
Haridwar37 KM
Source: Google Maps

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