Lakshman Sidh Temple

Lakshman Sidh: Shri Lakshman Ji Meditated Here

Where is Lakshman Sidh Located?

Lakshman Sidh is one of the most famous temples in Dehradun, which is part of the four Siddhas of Dehradun as well as 84 Sidh Peeths in India.

The temple is 1 KM off the national highway 7 (Dehradun-Rishikesh road) in Harrawala, which is 10.4 km from Ghantaghar in Dehradun.

The Lacchiwala Range forest engulfs the temple and the shrine is really peaceful and serene, in spite of a large footfall of devotees.

The road to the temple is so beautiful that if you visit the temple early, you will find a number of people out on their morning jog.

Like all the other Siddh Peethas, a shivling is established at Lakshman Sidh and Lord Shiva is the main deity that is worshipped here.

Jaggery is offered to the devotees as the lord’s blessing and it is also believed that any devotee wishing for something with a true heart, finds his wishes fulfilled by Lakshman Sidh.

The temple is especially crowded on Sundays and a large number of devotees visit the temple from Dehradun and outside.

History of the Lakshman Sidh Temple

Lakshman Sidh is amongst the 84 Sidh Peeths in India which are dedicated to 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya. The temple is named after Sage Swami Lakshman, who headed towards the Kedarkhand region to spread the knowledge and teaching of Lord Dattatreya.

Here he attained salvation and left his body.

Read the detailed history of the Four Sidhas of Dehradun here.

Interesting facts about the Lakshman Sidh Temple

  • The Lakshman Sidh Temple is among the most famous temples in Dehradun as it is also a part of Ramayana. After being victorious in Lanka, Shri Lakshman Ji arrived at this spot to repent the killing of Meghnaad and Ravan’s army.
  • 400 meters away from the temple, a well is situated which is believed to have been a well of milk. The legend says that Shri Lakshman Ji was thirsty and shot an arrow to produce milk from the well.
  • Each year a grand fair is organized in the temple on the last Sunday of April where thousands of devotees visit this temple.

How to reach the Lakshman Sidh Temple?

The Laxman Sidh Temple is located at a distance of about 11 km from Dehradun. The temple is connected with motorable roads and can be reached by private vehicles, public transport like state government buses, and shared three-wheelers.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport to the Lakshman Sidh Temple is the Jolly Grant airport, which is 17.8 km away, from where it shall take about 30-45 minutes via bus or taxi.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station to the Lakshman Sidh temple is the Dehradun Railway Station, which is at a distance of 13.8 km. The Dehradun railway station is well connected to all the major cities in India.

Right outside the station, you can either book a taxi, take a bus or three-wheelers to reach the temple.

Nearest Bus Station

ISBT Dehradun is 13.4 km away from the Lakshman Sidh temple, which is well connected to all the neighbouring states like Punjab, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, NCR region, etc.

Road network: Motorable routes to the Lakshman Sidh Temple

The road network to reach Lakshman Sidh temple is fairly straightforward. You need to head towards Rishikesh from Dehradun on National highway 7 or vice versa if you travelling from Rishikesh.

At Harrawala, there is a diversion that takes you to the Lakshman Sidh temple, 1 km off the highway.

Public transport to reach the Lakshman Sidh Temple

The Lakshman Sidh Temple can be accessed via public transport, being quite close to a national highway, local as well as intercity buses can drop you to Harrawala, from where the temple is a mere 1 km walk.

Alternatively, you can book an auto-rickshaw, which would be a bit more expensive, but you wouldn’t have to walk, but I suggest you soak in the forest as you walk up to this historical shrine in Dehradun.

Lakshman Sidh Temple: Things to Know

Best time to visit

The Lakshman Sidh temple remains open throughout the year and you can visit the temple all around the year.

Visit duration 

2 hours is recommended time to visit the Lakshman Sidh temple. The temple is peaceful and after the darshan, you can walk a little bit into the forest and enjoy the natural sounds of the forest. You might also spot some local tribes tending to their cattle.

Eating options

There are a few shops where you can enjoy a meal near the Lakshman Sidh Temple, but I would suggest you head back to the highway and look for a place to eat there.

Major cities near the Lakshman Sidh Temple

Dehradun14 KM
Rishikesh33.6 KM
Haridwar41.5 KM
Delhi260 KM

Other places to visit near the Lakshman Sidh Temple

LocationDistance from Lakshman Sidh Temple
Kalu Sidh Temple20.8 KM
Mandu Sidh Temple21.1 KM
Manak Sidh Temple16.4 KM
Rishikesh33.6 KM
Haridwar41.5 KM
Lacchiwala11 KM

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