Mahasu Devta Temple: A Temple You Do Not Know About

Mahasu Devta Temple is located on the banks of the Tons River in Hanol village, Chakrata (181 km from Dehradun). Hanol is the famous village named after the Brahmin Huna Bhatt, surrounded by exotic views of the Deodar-lined mountains and incredible fauna.

Mahasu Devta Temple

Mahasu Devta Temple is considered among the ancient temples in Uttarakhand, and many devotees come from far away with great beliefs for blessings. Mahasu Devta is regarded as the God of Justice, and the temple was built around the 9th century in Huna Style architecture. The government of India protects the temple.

Religious Importance of Mahasu Devta Temple

Legend has it that, Mandarth, a demon used to live in the Hanol village, where he would eat up its residents mercilessly. Troubled by this, a devotee of Lord Shiva prayed for his blessings.

Lord Shiva then ordered DEOLARI DEVI (a devotee) to send all four sons to MANDARTH.

A fierce battle ensued between the brothers and Mandarth, and the brothers emerged victorious, killing the demon. After a few years, a villager found four Shivalingas and named them after the four brothers – Botha, Vasik, Pavasik, and Chalda.

Mahasu Devta Temple

Since then, villagers have worshiped Lord Shiva in this temple as Mahasu Devta. Inside the temple, there are two stones. It is believed that only the person with pious-hearted will be able to lift those stones without any effort.

On the premises of the temple, one can notice numerous goats roaming. It is believed that Mahasu Devta fulfills everyone’s wishes, provided that on the fulfillment, one has to bring goats to Mahasu Devta Temple. The goats are then set free.

Mahasu Devta Festival and Fair

A three-day and night-long festival, the Shaant festival takes place in August every year. The festival previously included sacrifices of a large number of animals, which has now been stopped, and also, entry of women is no longer prohibited at the Mahasu Devta Temple.

Mahasu Devta Temple

Architectural Facts About Mahasu Devta Temple

This temple is surrounded by lush green hills and is made up of stone and wood. This temple is also included in the Archaeological Survey of India’s list of ancient temples. This temple is built in Huna architectural style. Excellent work is done on the temple’s walls, including amazing wood carvings.

The Jagara of Mahasu Devta is the most famous ritual celebrated in the month of ‘Bhadon.’ It is said that during this time, the deity arrives to save the villagers from the demons. During the ceremonial procession of Jagara, devotees are denied being near the temple sanctum to avoid the curse of the Lord. The best time to visit the temple is from March to May.

How to Reach the Mahasu Devta Temple?

One can reach the Mahasu Devta Temple by heading towards Tiuni from Chakrata. The Mahasu Devta temple is located 95 KM from Chakrata, about 90 KM from Dehradun.

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, about 205 km away. One can hire a cab or take a local bus to DEHRADUN and from DEHRADUN to HANOL village.

The nearest railway station is the Dehradun Railway Station, located at a distance of 181 km. Several buses and private vehicles are available to help you reach Mahasu Devta Temple Hanol.

Mahasu Devta Temple

Places Near to Visit the Mahasu Devta Temple

LocationDistance from Mahasu Devta Temple
Chakrata93 KM
Lakhamandal81 KM
Tiger Falls111 KM
Kanasar66 KM
Kalsi128 KM
Mussoorie147.6 KM

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