Man Ichchha Devi Temple

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple

Man Ichchha Devi Temple: A place where all your wishes come true

Around 33 Km from Dehradun, lies an ancient meditation site, which is now known as Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple. The temple has a rich history and is a must-visit if you are in or around Dehradun.

It is believed that if a devotee arrives at the Man Icchha Devi Mandir for 40 days and engages in Devi’s Pooja with pure devotion, all his wishes are fulfilled by Maa Bhagwati.

Visiting this place during Navratri has a special significance and it is believed that all your life’s ailments and problems go away if you visit this temple during Navratri.

On my recent road trips to New Tehri via Narendra Nagar, I saw this beautiful entrance leading up to a temple, with stairs to walk up to.

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple Entrance

I decided to pay that temple a visit the next time around I was in the area.

It seemed the temple was calling me as I am a spiritual being and love connecting with nature and energies.

Mann Ichha Devi Mandir: Things You Should Know

Upon reaching the Man Ichchaa temple entrance, you must climb 122-125 stairs (100-125 meters) to reach the main temple.

Along the way, you will encounter a centuries-old banyan tree spread all along the temple periphery (100 to 200 years old, according to the temple priest), which creates a roof of sorts.

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple walking route

History of Mata Man Ichcha Devi Temple

Man Iccha means ‘desires of the heart’, and it is believed those desires are fulfilled by praying at this site.

So what is it that makes this temple so unique?

The saints at Man Icchaa Devi are referred to as only ‘Maharaj Ji.’ The story goes back 500 years where one such saint was praying to Maa Bhagwati.

On the 40th day of this process, ‘Maharaj Ji’ was blessed with Maa Bhagwati’s presence in the form of an idol and urged the devotee to bathe the idol.

During that time, there was no source of water in that region.

This is exactly what you will realize once you visit the temple that it is not on a high altitude and there is no river or a source of water nearby, chances of natural water are slim.

‘Maharaj Ji’ raised this concern to the Devi. Mata Bhagwati ordered him to establish her idol as a temple in that place.

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple

Once the temple was established, natural water started flowing as the Devi blessed the place.

Maharaj Ji then used that water to bathe the idol of Maa Bhagwati.

This tradition has been kept alive for over 500 years.

How to Reach Mata Man Ichcha Temple?

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple lies between Rishikesh and Dehradun.

If you are traveling from Dehradun to Rishikesh on National Highway 7, around 10 km before reaching Rishikesh, you need to make a left turn.

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple

You shall see two state highway route markers, head towards Narendra Nagar by making a left turn.

route for Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple

Upon seeing this board, even I was confused whether I’m on the right way or not. Mansa Devi Temple is another name for Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple.

Nearest airport

Jollygrant airport is around 7km away from this temple and if you are visiting Uttarakhand for a vacation, take a cab from the airport to this temple and start your journey with Devi’s blessing.

Nearest Railway Station

Haridwar (20km) and Rishikesh (8km) are the nearest railway stations from this temple. Book your train tickets according to the railway connectivity.

Road Connectivity

The temple is at a distance of 1 km away from National Highway 7, which connects Punjab (Fazilka) to Uttarakhand (Mana Pass).

So, if you are visiting Dehradun before setting off on the much famous Char Dham Yatra, this temple will fall right on your route.

You can also access this temple from Haridwar, which is also well connected with other states.

Traveling options

The road is quite nicely built and wide enough to accommodate all kinds of vehicles. You can travel by bike, car, minivan, traveler, etc.

There are lots of monkeys around the temple and also, you will have to park your vehicle on a secluded road.

Make sure you park your vehicle properly so that it does not affect the flow of traffic, and also, keep your windows shut in case monkeys get impish.

Visit Duration

The temple visit itself will take around 2 hours including the Darshan and Pooja, enjoying the serene atmosphere and nature of the place.

The place is really secluded and you will not find any shops or hotels nearby, so it is recommended that if you plan on staying nearby, book a hotel at Bhaniyawala (which is closer to Dehradun) or Rishikesh, depending upon your plans.

Interesting facts of the Mata Man Ichchaa Devi Mandir

One interesting fact about the place is that there is no water connection in the temple premise to this day.

All the water collected from the natural source is then stored in a tank to carry on daily operations of the temple.

All the ‘prasad’ that is prepared in the temple is made using the water from the tank and the water itself is considered as ‘prasad’.

water source at Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple

According to the Pandit Ji, geophysicists conducted a research at the site and concluded that it is not possible to have water at such a geographic location, which is clearly a miracle.

Also, a tiger, which is Mata’s vehicle, visits each night from 1 to 2:30 a.m.


Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple

There is a long standing belief that anyone who wishes for something and ties a knot around this tree with a strong belief towards the deity, all his wishes are fulfilled. Once that happens, the knot is untied.

Mata Man Ichchha Devi Temple wishing pond

Also, the water from the source can help cure many skin diseases and ailments. Make sure you get a container.

I hope to visit this temple soon once my wishes are fulfilled and hope to see you on my next visit.

I highly recommend you visit this place!

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