Manak sidh temple

Manak Sidh Temple: 4 Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

Where is Manak Sidh Located?

Manak Sidh Temple in Dehradun is located in a peaceful village of Budhi on the Shimla Bypass Road. The temple is at a distance of around 18 km from the Clock Tower, dedicated to Lord Shiva and named after saint Manak, one of the 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya.

History of the Manak Sidh Temple

Among the four Siddh Peeths in Dehradun, which is a part of 84 Sidh Peeths in India,  Manak Sidh is dedicated to the memory of saint Manak, who arrived at this spot to meditate and please lord shiva.

Upon achieving his ambition, the sage attained enlightenment and left his earthly body behind. The Manak Sidh temple is a lord shiva temple, named after Lord Dattatreya’s disciple Baba Manak.

How to reach the Manak Sidh Temple?

The Manak Sidh Temple is en route to Paonta Sahib via the Shimla Bypass road in Dehradun. It can be accessed through private and public transport and the journey from Dehradun shall take about 30 min.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport to the Manak Sidh Temple is the Jolly Grant airport which is 42 km away. Buses and taxis are available from the airport to Dehradun regularly.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station to the Manak Sidh temple is the Dehradun Railway Station, which is around 15 km away from the temple.

Nearest Bus Station

ISBT Dehradun is the nearest bus station to the Manak Sidh temple at a distance of about 11 km from the temple.

Road network: Motorable routes to the Manak Sidh Temple

Dehradun To Manak Siddh Temple via Shimla Bypass: 18 KM

Paonta Sahib to Manak Siddh Temple via Shimla Bypass: 35 KM

Public transport to reach the Manak Sidh Temple

City buses are easily available to Buddi Village and also, you can hop on any interstate buses travelling towards Paonta Sahib via the Shimla Bypass. Make sure to confirm the route before boarding a bus.

Manak Sidh Temple: Things to Know

Best time to visit

The weather in Dehradun is pleasant all around the year and so, one can visit the Manak Sidh Temple any time of the year.

Visit duration 

1 hour

Major cities near the Manak Sidh Temple

Dehradun18 KM
Rishikesh63 KM
Haridwar65 KM
Delhi252 KM

Other places to visit near the Manak Sidh Temple

LocationDistance from Manak Sidh Temple
Buddha Temple15 KM
Kalu Sidh Temple31 KM
Mandu Sidh Temple16.4 KM
Lakshman Sidh Temple16.4 KM

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