Mandu Sidh Temple

Mandu Sidh Mandir: 4 Siddh Peeths of Dehradun

Where is Mandu Sidh Located?

Mandu Sidh Temple is located on the outskirts of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, around 10 km away from City Center, situated amidst dense forests in Phulsaini, a village protected from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The temple is to the north of Dehradun, at a distance of 8 km from Premnagar and 6 km from Kaulagarh.

Mandu Sidh is one of the four Sidhs of Dehradun, dedicated to the disciples of Lord Dattatreya.

The temple has a Shivling and an Idol of Shri Nandi Ji that sits right outside the temple. At the main door of the temple, on either side, there are paintings of Shri Ganesha and Mata Lakshmi on the walls.

History of the Mandu Sidh Temple

Baba mandu was one of the 84 disciples of Lord Dattatreya and among the four who made their way to the Kedarkhand region to spread Dattatreya’s knowledge and meditate.

The temple is believed to be the meditation site of Baba Mandu, who attained enlightenment and left his body at this spot.

The temple of Mandu Sidh is dedicated to his memory.

Read the detailed history of the Four Sidhas of Dehradun here.

Interesting facts about the Mandu Sidh Temple

  • The temple has two ponds nearby where the devotees offer milk.
  • One can see the cave where Baba Mandu meditated, near the temple.
  • Every year on Vasant Panchmi, a festival is held at the Mandu Sidh temple where devotees arrive in huge numbers and celebrate with fervor and joy.
  • Devotees whose wishes have been granted by Mandu Sidh, conduct a Bhandara, and each year hundreds of Bhandaras are held, signifying the wish-fulfilling powers of the Mandu Sidh Temple.

How to reach the Mandu Sidh Temple?

Mandu siddh Temple is at a distance of about 10 km from Dehradun. From Dehradun, you can either drive to the Mandu Sidh temple or book a taxi.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport to the Mandu Sidh Temple is the Jolly Grant airport, at a distance of 36.8 km.  Book a taxi to the Mandu Sidh Temple from the airport, which shall take you 1 hour to reach.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station to the Mandu Sidh temple is the Dehradun Railway Station, at a distance of about 11 km. From there, you can reach the Mandu Sidh temple by booking a taxi.

Nearest Bus Station

ISBT Dehradun is the nearest bus station to the Mandu Sidh temple at a distance of about 14 km from the temple. The interstate bus terminal of Dehradun is connected with regular buses to and from neighbouring states like Punjab, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, NCR region, etc


Road network: Motorable routes to the Mandu Sidh Temple

The Mandu Sidh temple is connected with motorable roads, without having to walk or trek, though the temple is situated in quite a remote place, and finding your way could be quite cumbersome.

Once in Dehradun, there are two routes to reach the Mandu Sidh temple.

Kaulagarh to Mandu Sidh (6 KM)

This route is best if you are anywhere near Ghantaghar. Kaulagarh (Near ONGC) is situated near the Ballupur Chowk and the Mandu Sidh temple is at a distance of about 6 km from there.

Premnagar to Mandu Sidh (8 KM)

The route to Mandu Sidh via Premnagar is best if you are traveling to Dehradun from Paonta Sahib. The Mandu Sidh Temple is at a distance of about 8 km from Premnagar and can be reached by heading towards the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies campus near Paundha.

Public transport to reach the Mandu Sidh Temple

The Mandu Sidh temple does not have public transport connectivity unless you book an auto-rickshaw or a taxi. State-owned buses and three-wheelers shall only take you to Kaulagarh (6 km from the temple) or Pondha via Premnagar  (2.2 km from the temple).

From Pondha, you might have to walk to the temple as the area is cut off from the city, and finding an auto-rickshaw can be tedious, but rest assured that you are going to enjoy the 2 km walk through the Pondha valley.

Alternatively, local buses and three-wheelers would take you to Kaulagarh, from where you need to book an auto-rickshaw.

Mandu Sidh Temple: Things to Know

Best time to visit

Mandu Siddh Temple can be visited throughout the year as the temple is open year-round for the devotees. Though, visiting during Vasant Panchmi is going to be a different experience altogether as an annual fair is held.

Visit duration 

3-4 hours. The temple is cut off from the noise of the city and the peaceful aura of the place deserves a few good hours to sink in. You can hike through the unexplored pathways that the area has to offer.

You can also sit by a stream of water flowing nearby and even take a dip in it.

Eating options

There are no places to eat near the Mandu Sidh temple and I suggest you carry your food with you. Also, every second Sunday in June, a Bhandara is held at the temple.

Major cities near the Mandu Sidh Temple

Dehradun10.3 KM
Paonta Sahib46.6 KM
Rishikesh52.7 KM
Haridwar60.6 KM
Delhi256 KM
Source: Google Maps

Other places to visit near the Mandu Sidh Temple

LocationDistance from Mandu Sidh Temple
Manak Sidh Temple16.4 KM
Lakshman Sidh Temple24.2 KM
Kalu Sidh Temple35.7 KM
Asan Barrage/Dakpatthar38 KM
Mussoorie39.3 KM
Gurudwara Paonta Sahib46.6 KM
Rishikesh53.8 KM
Haridwar60.5 KM
Source: Google Maps

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