This Temple in Rudraprayag Protects Devotees from Snakebites

Uttarakhand is home to a lot of miracles as this is the land where the Gods live. One such place is the Karma Jeet Devta Temple in Pillu Village of Rudraprayag. The Karma Jeet temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to the Naag Devta (serpent god), who protects the locals from snakes.

Those who a snake has bitten are brought to this temple, where the poison is drained out of their bodies, which is nothing short of a miracle. People think that if they see a snake in the area, it means that the serpent lord hasn’t been prayed to in years.

Karamjeet Devta’s followers carry the deity’s idol in a palanquin (doli) and make the pilgrimage with a lot of devotion and holiness. The locals believe that no snakes can be found in the area due to the snake’s god’s blessings. Even if the devotees get bitten by a snake, the lord will take care of them.

The Karma Jeet temple is at a distance of around 38.2 Kilometers from Rudrapayag, and visitors can reach there by taking the National Highway 107 via Tilwara and Augustmuni. Private cabs and shared taxis ply regularly from Rudraprayag to the Pillu Village, and the journey will take a little more than an hour.

Overall, the Karma Jeet Temple is a popular place for visitors interested in temples and spiritual tourism. So, if you’re planning a trip to Rudraprayag, you can add this temple to your itinerary as one of the places to see in the region.