Bret Hart Wants Goldberg Out of WWE Hall of Fame 

By ARCHIT            OCT  21, 2022

Bret Hart's hatred for Bill Goldberg ending his wrestling career is well known.

He never hesitates from expressing his opinion on Goldberg being a bad worker

During a recent autograph signing with K&S WrestleFest, Bret had something to say about Goldberg.

Hitman was asked which wrestlers he wanted to work with but had never fought before. He put Kurt Angle at number one. 

He also named Brock Lesnar as he is known to be a professional "in the ring", "What Goldberg is not"

"What Goldberg is not" is what followed next, taking a shot at Goldberg

Bret later said that Barry Horowitz should be in the WWE Hall of Fame instead of Goldberg

Hart said he does not know what Goldberg did to get into Hall of Fame

He said Goldberg count not wrestle, and WWE should put him out of Hall of Fame

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