Chelsea Green to Return to WWE?

Chelsea Green is scheduled to return to WWE after her time with Impact Wrestling ended a few months ago. In December, Green reported that she was on her way to WWE.

Fightful reported in early January that Green had not only re-signed with WWE, but had been signed for "quite some time." They were only waiting for the appropriate moment to return her.

Green joined WWE in 2018, however her tenure was marred by frequent injuries and the creative team's failure to utilise her effectively.

Green was called up to Smackdown in November 2020, but after competing in a fatal four-way match during her television debut, she broke her wrist for the second time and was forced to leave the ring.

Her WWE contract was terminated in April 2021, and she has since competed in ROH, IMPACT Wrestling, and GCW alongside her husband Matt Cardona.

Green shared a GIF depicting herself (with old manager Mr. Stone) entering the 2020 Royal Rumble in a late-night tweet on January 19th. Green, unfortunately, was only in that Rumble match for around 17 seconds.

"With WWE, I'm really delighted that I left on good terms, although I was sorry that I didn't get to satisfy myself creatively as a wrestler. I maintained a positive relationship with Triple H.

Vince and I had a terrific friendship. I'm glad I can have my head held high knowing that there's a chance for me to return if they decide it's the right time and place."

"I have unfinished business with WWE. But I'd approach it quite differently than I did the last time, and I think that's part of the beauty of maturing. I have other aspirations in life today, and I hope to start a family at some point.

It would be good to end the WWE chapter with another run or narrative, but I don't have that option. That belongs to them."

Chelsea Green appears to get a chance to settle that unfinished business with the 2023 Royal Rumble going place in just eight days.